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Predictive Dialer Setup Guide

This is a copy of the email that you should have recieved when you signed up to use our service

Connect to your server using your browser of choice. We recommend using Google Chrome which can be downloaded here Please ensure that you have the latest version of flash which can be downloaded here.

Login to the system using the URL and username provided by our support team.

Step One
The first step is to set up fields that will be used in the systems database to store your contact list. By default there is only one field present on the system. This is the phone field that is used to store the your contacts telephone number. You should create additional database fields to store information about the contact such as name, address, company etc. The information will be displayed on the agent's screen when they have a call connected to them. These fields are specified per account and cannot be changed from campaign to campaign.

Adding Database Fields
1. Log into the system
2. Select the admin tab
3. At the bottom right of the screen click Setup Database Fields. You will see the following interface for customising your database.
5. Type a new name into the name box and click add field. Repeat this process until you have all the fields you require.

Step Two
Adding users to the system.
1. Click the Admin Tab.
2. Click Create New user

Step Three
Specify a connection method for each user. We support 4 connection methods Telephone Dial in, SIP phone, SIP PBX and Google Talk accounts.
If you plan on using a SIP phone, we recommend first using the MyVoIPSpeed test at http://myvoipspeed.visualware.com/ to ensure a quality connection. If a quality connection cannot be established we recommend using a normal phone to dial into our access number using the Dial-In method.

1. Under the account tab select the edit connection icon. This is a small purple icon of two cables connecting together.
2. Select the connection method for the user. At the bottom of the screen the connection information will be given which will differ depending on the connection type used.

Step Four
Configuring  a list view allows you to specify which database fields are shown when viewing the contacts via the List view. Adding database fields to the List view allows users to search based on the content of these fields. If a field is not added in the Change List View Appearance window you cannot use it as a search criteria.

1. Click settings Tab and then click Change List View Appearance.
2. Add the required fields to the currently selected list

Step Five
Create a new campaign under the campaigns tab.

Name : Name for campaign
Description : Description for campaign
Caller ID Name / Number : Caller ID to use on calls made
Limit Calling hours : Select check box and calling times to prevent dialing at inappropriate or unwanted  times
Dial Rate override: This is the number of lines assigned to an agent
Wait for agent : This is the amount of time in seconds  a contact will wait for an agent before being hungup
Use AMD: Click to enable Answer Machine Detection.
Record all : Click to record all agents calls in the campaign

Step Six
Upload CSV data by clicking the Upload Contacts  icon next to the newly created Campaign and follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure the your CSV file have column names that match the field names that you are using. As a minimum you should have a column named phone in your CSV file. If you do not have this column named in the CSV file you will get import errors.
Once uploaded press the green  refresh button to confirm your .CSV has been imported correctly. You will  receive an email from the system when import is complete. Should you have any issues with this import please review this email.

Step Seven
Login as an agent using a user that you created in Step Two. Click Join a Predictive Campaign to begin calling.


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